We own a great fleet of vehicles. The offer includes a small as well as large vehicles type MEGA, so that all types of vehicles can be used for your needs. Our strength is in providing telematics units, which means that each car is equipped with a tracking device.

Vehicles are equipped according to the EURO V which gives the opportunity to deliver cargo to your customers in accordance with applicable legal and environmental standards.



Bus Sprinter 3,5to

Number of pallets: 1

Number of pallets: 5

Usable weight: 300kg

Usable weight: do 1500kg



Bus with tarpaulin 3,5to

Truck 7,5to

Number of pallets: 8

Number of pallets: 15

Usable weight: do 1500kg

Usable weight: 2200kg



Truck 12to

Truck 12to

Number of pallets: 20

Number of pallets: 33

 Usable weight: 5000kg

 Usable weight: 24000kg


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